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New parishioners are asked to attend an Orientation in the Day Chapel to receive information and registration forms. For more information, call the office, 527-1037.

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Newcomers Dinner

The Newcomers Dinner will be held this evening at 6:00 pm.

Parish Life Events

On February 27, join us for trip back in time to the Rock and Roll Jubliee at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. A reception at St. Michael will kick things off at 4:30, and then we will caravan to the GACAC for the show. Tickets are available now.

From The Pastor

             Two words: disciple and apostle.  Sometimes they seem to be interchangeable.  But their meaning is actually quite different. 

Disciple comes from the Latin word, discipulus, which means student or learner.  Are we not all called to learn from our master – Jesus Christ?  And so in the Bible Jesus’ followers were called disciples since they were learning the Good News from Jesus.  To truly learn the Good News, to hear it and feel it in the depths of our hearts and souls, is sharing in the joy of Jesus!!

Apostle has a different meaning.  It comes from the Greek word, ἀπóστολος (apóstolos), which refers to one sent forth!  Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines an apostle as “a person sent out on a special mission.”  As disciples we are called by Jesus to recognize our “apostolates.”  We are called to recognize what we are being sent forth to do to spread the Gospel.

The Sacrament of Confirmation fills us with the Holy Spirit to carry out this roll.  I think that St. Michael, as a community, should also think of how we are being sent forth.  What are we being sent forth to do?  What is/are our special apostolate(s)?  We are approaching our 25th anniversary and have had a serious impact in our community.  How will we proclaim the Gospel over the next 25 years?

An interesting question, no?



Peace & Love,
Fr. Dan

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