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New parishioners are asked to attend an Orientation in the Day Chapel to receive information and registration forms. For more information, call the office, 527-1037.

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2015-2016 Faith Formation Registration

You can print forms by clicking here to register your child(ren) in preschool through grade 12 programs or register for FIRE (family intergenerational religious education) with this registration form. Forms are also available in the parish office between 9:00am and 4:30pm. Completed forms can be returned to the office in an envelope labeled "Faith Formation Registration" or you can place them in the weekly collection basket, the black mailbox safe in the mail room, or mail to the church at 4491 Springfield Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

From The Pastor

            “To be the presence of Christ” is the heart of our Mission Statement as a parish.  Many people approached me and asked how my trip to Haiti went.  Honestly, my trip to Dopale and the celebration of their Patronal Feast at St. John the Baptist parish was all about presence.  That has been the hallmark of our twinning ministry there as well as in Appalachia and in our relationship with our sister parish here in Richmond at St. Elizabeth’s.

            I traveled to Haiti alone and so I was surrounded by people speaking Creole.  It was a great learning experience, but was also exhausting.  I was trying to be attentive to the Haitian conversations all the time.  It helps me appreciate Fr. Elizier’s visits here where he is the only Haitian Creole speaker.  I know it makes him tired as well!

            But these trips – being present to each other’s congregations – are invaluable in maintaining that most important aspect of our relationships: presence!  When Fr. Elizier comes to visit in September, I know you will be welcoming to him and will show him our appreciation for his presence to our community!

Peace & Love,
Fr. Dan

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