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New parishioners are asked to attend an Orientation in the Day Chapel to receive information and registration forms. For more information, call the office, 527-1037.

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OSV - Webinar Series on Pope Francis

Join Dr. Edward Sri as he discusses his book Pope Francis and The Joy of the Gospel. This book helps people of all walks of life--diocesan leaders, parish staff and volunteers, families and laity--live out the Holy Father's vision for the renewal of the Church and the New Evangelization. Join us!

2015-2016 Faith Formation Registration

You can print forms by clicking here to register your child(ren) in preschool through grade 12 programs or register for FIRE (family intergenerational religious education) with this registration form. Forms are also available in the parish office between 9:00am and 4:30pm. Completed forms can be returned to the office in an envelope labeled "Faith Formation Registration" or you can place them in the weekly collection basket, the black mailbox safe in the mail room, or mail to the church at 4491 Springfield Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060.

Ministry of Mothers Sharing

A new session of MOMS is forming. This 8-week session looks at various practical and spiritual aspects of the vocation of motherhood. Please see the MOMS page for more information and to register.

From The Pastor

This October there will be a Synod of Bishops in Rome to discuss issues involving the family.  One of those issues is the status of divorced Catholics who are remarried without having gone through an annulment.  At his general audience on Wednesday, August 5th, Pope Francis stated that these Catholics are not thereby excommunicated. 

His exact words were, “These people are not excommunicated. They are not excommunicated! And they should never be treated as such. They are always part of the Church.”  (check general audience 8/5/15 on romereports.com)

What does this mean about communion in these situations?  That will ultimately be discussed at that October Synod.  The Pope approached the issue as he has so many others – he considers the attitude the Church must have toward the people in a pastoral way rather than a purely legalistic/dogmatic approach. 

Let us continue to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that this issue may be resolved in a way that brings healing and brings people to Christ!


Peace & Love,
Fr. Dan

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