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    TUESDAY:  7:30-8:00 AM
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    MONDAY-FRIDAY: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

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  • From the Pastor...

        Over the last several months our parish has met with representatives of the police and fire departments to develop procedures to deal with emergencies.  Of course, the scariest situation is a “shooter scenario.”  But we need to consider fire, earthquake or other emergencies as well.

        As a church we are forced to deal with the balancing of being open and welcoming representatives of Christ, and having security and a safe place for parishioners – especially our children.  As we looked into possible plans for this we have discovered that almost no churches (Catholic or otherwise) have such plans.  So we find ourselves “inventing the wheel” to a certain extent.

        There are many ideas available from the police and fire fighters and from our school systems.  We have already been putting some things in place.  If you look at our classroom wings and offices from the outside you will see signs in the windows identifying many of our rooms.

    We have also installed special locks – similar to those used in schools – so that we can have a “lock down” if necessary.  Various cameras and alarm buttons are also being put in place.

        We will try to keep you informed as we continue to develop plans for dealing with emergencies.
    Peace and Love,
    Fr. Dan

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