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  • Living Our Mission

    St. Michael is Living Our Mission!

    The parish has joined with the Diocese of Richmond to raise $3.3 miliion to support Diocesan endowment initiatives and to build a Community Center at St. Michael. Because we have been so successful in our early phases of fundraising, a decision was made to create a challenge goal of $4 million, which will allow us to build the Center without incurring any debt. We invite you to learn more about the campaign and to make a pledge. We encourage you to prayerfully support Living Our Mission.  Don't miss these upcoming events!

  • From the Pastor...

                We find ourselves now at the Memorial Day weekend – often considered to mark the beginning of summer (though that will have to wait officially until June 20th.)  At least the weather has turned a bit more “summer-like” after a cool and rainy May.  This weekend we also take a bit of a breather from the Living Our Mission campaign.  We will take it up again more seriously over the next two weeks.
                By now just about everyone should have their Living Our Mission packet – either because you picked it up last weekend or it got to you in the mail.  In that connection I want to mention that the packets were prepared by the diocese.  They were supposed to have matched up with our database, but it has become obvious that that did not happen in some cases.  We have become aware of some mistakes in addresses and preparation of the packets even though our database was correct.
                Soooo…..  Please forgive any mistakes and if you haven’t received a packet we will try to have them available in the commons this week.  Also, we have done several things to change the displays out in the commons – please don’t hesitate to stop and look at them and feel free to ask questions.
                Coming back to Memorial Day, I can still remember while I was growing up that some people still called it Decoration Day.  This was a day when people visited the graves of those who died in the armed services and “decorated” those graves with flowers, small flags, etc.  It is certainly a good time for us to honor those in our military who have died as well as those who currently serve – especially those potentially in harm’s way.

    Peace and Love,
    Fr. Dan